Still Life II

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Apple and Chopsticks  Hyakamangokudon Avenue Storefront, Kanazawa, Japan.  29 April 2012

Mixed Roses and Fallen Leaf   Rochambeau Farm, Mason Neck, Virginia.  April 2002

Dinner at Napli's #2  Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  4 August 2010

Sleeping Cat in Shop Front  Ohara, Kyoto, Japan.  9 April 2012

  Sidewalk Garden  Koriyazaka Slope, Kanazawa, Japan.  30 April 2021  

Baker's Display  O/B M/V Silver Shadow off Aleutian Islands, Alaska.  29 May 2012

Tabletop Flower Display  Le Restaurant, Musee D'Orsay, Paris, France.  17 October 2010

Countertop Flower Display  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts.  19 July 2012

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