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The Photographer

    I have been using a camera for over 65 years and, until 1995, had been essentially self-taught. In that year, wishing to become more proficient in documentary photography, I enrolled in some courses at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and instead became increasingly drawn into photography as an expressive medium. I wish to gratefully acknowledge here the assistance and encouragement of all my mentors thus far, in alphabetical order: Bruce Barnbaum, Dan Burkholder, Regina DeLuise, Nancy E. Green, Don Kirby, Kim Kirkpatrick, Anne Larsen, Frank Lavelle, Bates Littlehales, Olive Rosen, Charles Rumph, Fred Schreiber, John Sexton, Barbara Southworth and Craig Stevens.

Self Portrait, outside Building "B" - Occoquan Facility, Lorton Prison,  2004.

    While not technically having studied photography under the following, I have also benefited from the advice or commentary of A.D. Coleman, Tony Bonanno, Tillman Crane, Jennifer Dorsey, Jon Lentz, Susette Newberry, Hugh Phibbs, and Philip and Ina Trager. My shortcomings are no reflection on the remarkable abilities of all these individuals, but are entirely of my own making. Having said this, I also believe there is much to be gained personally by using one's own compass in finding one's own way - that is what I seek to do in my photography and in a way, that is what this web site is all about.

The Equipment and Materials

    All of the images presented on this web site have been made with small or medium format cameras, particularly the Canon EOS 1N, the Mamiya 645 AF or the Canon Power Shot G10 camera, mounted on a Bogen 3221 tripod. Mirror lockup features, shutter release cables, and the tripod are frequently used in order to create the negatives I seek.
    Most of my black-and-white images through 2008 were cast on Kodak Tri-X (ASA 400) film forged in D-76, although I have also used other brands of films and developers, depending upon circumstances. Before digital imaging, color images were made with a variety of films ranging anywhere between ASA 25 and 200.
    In the past, gelatin silver prints were made with a Beseler 23C III condenser enlarger using Schneider Componon-S lenses. These prints were primarily made with Kodak Ektalure, Agfa Multicontrast Classic and Forte Polywarmtone Plus papers which I processed to generally acceptable archival standards. 
    Then, digital prints were made, first with an Epson Stylus Photo R2400 printer, using UltraChrome K-3 inks and generally Epson Premium Glossy Photo or Velvet Fine Art paper, Moab Entrada Fine Art Natural 190 paper, or Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk paper. Since November 2018, prints have been made with a Canon PRO-1000 printer, first with Ilford Gold Fibre Silk paper and then generally with Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster.
    For purposes of web presentation, finished images were sometimes scanned with an Epson Perfection 4990 Photo flatbed scanner at a low resolution or more generally transferred directly from Adobe's Photoshop CS6, then organized in Microsoft FrontPage 2000, and uploaded via CuteFTP 8.3.
    More information about Stonelight Images may be had by writing Stonelight Images, 132 Lancaster Drive, #203, Irvington, Virginia 22480.

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