Still Life I

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Dried Flower Arrangement. Rochambeau Farm, Mason Neck, Virginia. 30 May 2010

Closet Dwellers. Bill Gervase Home, Troutville, Virginia. 19 March 2011

Cottage Entryway. Ainokura Village, Japan. 30 April 2012

Perennial Border. Scalloway, Shetland Islands, Scotland. 8 August 2009

  Terrasse D'Ete. Grand Rue, Barbizon, France. 10 October 2010

Still Life with Wax Fruit. Diane Nelson Home, Brighton, Massachusetts. 14 August 2010

Vincent's Grave. Auvers sur Oise, France. 13 October 2010

39th Wedding Anniversary Bouquet. Our RW-C Cottage, Irvington, Virginia. 27 September 2014

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